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I'm a big fan of Louis and I want to share some of his photos. I will include his profile of course to people who want to know him.

Thanx to E-buzz E-buzz has become of my favorite sites. I took some pictures from there so here I'm gonna give some credit to the owner of E-buzz. I have posted their web address and you just have to take a look! It's site full of reviews, pictures and cool stories.

Thanx to Muzi
Yeah, I took some pictures from here and I want to thank Muzi. The site is full of Chinese culture and of course they have over 1,000 photos! Their web address in my links page.

Thanx to my cousinMy cousin has always loved Louis. She thinks he's cool and he is just so handsome. Thanx for all her comments about Louis.
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Louis Koo Tin Lok
Here is him! The big star of this site.

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